I am new to openvg and currently writing some test cases for openvg1.1.
I need some help using fonts and text rendering in openvg1.1.

openvg1.1 spec says glyphs can be represented using VGPath objects or VGImage objects.
Now let us see
void vgSetGlyphToImage(VGFont font,VGuint glyphIndex,VGImage image,const VGfloat glyphOrigin[2],const VGfloat escapement[2]);
1. what shall be shall be contained in "glyphIndex" ?
2. Is image is obtained by calling image = vgCreateImage(VGImageFormat format,VGint width, VGint height,VGbitfield allowedQuality) ?
If so, should the image be filled using
vgImageSubData(VGImage image,const void * data, VGint dataStride,VGImageFormat dataFormat,
VGint x, VGint y, VGint width, VGint height)?

I transformed *png, *jpg .. to openvg1.1 format.(different image formats like VG_sRGBX_8888, VG_sRGBA_8888 and so on ..) using PvrTextool
but such converted data when used in vgdrawglyph() gives an image data instead of a Font or glyph!
Can some one help me as where did I go wrong?
Thank you