I hope somebody can help me.

I worked with readpixels and all was okay until I used texImage2D.
If I use readpixels and texImage2D - readpixels create the not allowed Error.

Code :
if (mCanvasElement->IsWriteOnly() && !nsContentUtils::IsCallerTrustedForRead()) {
    2247:         LogMessage("readPixels: Not allowed");
    2248:         return NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR;
    2249:     }

I do not know, where the problem is.
Can I switch something off or tell something to readpixels so it will work again with textures enable?
Texturing works fine and Readpixels without Texturing fine too.

I am working with Firefox Nightly Build and tested Safari WebKit on Windows PC - same Error not allowed.

Thank you