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Thread: missing Double and Half FP_CONFIG

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    missing Double and Half FP_CONFIG


    the cl_device_info enumeration miss both CL_DEVICE_DOUBLE_FP_CONFIG and CL_DEVICE_HALF_FP_CONFIG.

    The man page for clGetDeviceInfo mentions all afore mentioned enumerations as valid parameters.



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    Re: missing Double and Half FP_CONFIG

    Did I miss something ?

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    Re: missing Double and Half FP_CONFIG

    CL_DEVICE_DOUBLE_FP_CONFIG + CL_DEVICE_HALF_FP_CONFIG are both part of extensions (cl_khr_fp64 + cl_khr_fp16), so they will only appear in cl_ext.h (which isn't available atm from Khronos, but you can find probably find a copy of it in SDK from NVidia/AMD/Apple/etc)

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    Re: missing Double and Half FP_CONFIG

    Thanks for reply.

    If CL_DEVICE_DOUBLE_FP_CONFIG and CL_DEVICE_HALF_FP_CONFIG are defined by vendors in cl_ext.h, it may broken if run in another hardware, as each vendor may set it's own constant value.
    In other words, it may be a not portable feature.

    Am I wrong ?

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