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Thread: Backtracking algorithm and OpenCL?

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    Backtracking algorithm and OpenCL?

    Hi guys!

    I'm just starting out with OpenCL and want to know if I'll get any performance improvement by porting over a backtracking algorithm (such as the one in a sudoku solver) to OpenCL?


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    Re: Backtracking algorithm and OpenCL?

    OpenCL on GPU hardware is really optimized for data-parallel operation. Backtracking typically takes many many different code paths, which will perform very poorly on a GPU. Of course you still have more threads in parallel so you might win, but you won't see anything like the gains you'd get from a data-parallel algorithm. If you can figure out how to make your backtracking algorithm data-parallel then you could get a big win.

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    Re: Backtracking algorithm and OpenCL?

    I was thinking of starting out with OpenCL as well but how complex is it it to get that big win thanks from me too for the reply its very helpful,
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