I tried my WGT module on Chrome/Vista64 with strange results:

The canvas has correct size (full window), but at the top is a mirrored region and on the right there is a white region. The white region is indeed part of the canvas element because the region does change color when I change the background-color of the canvas using CSS. The canvas is cleared with gl.clearColor(0,0,0,1) so it should at least be black...

However, it has something to do with the window size. If the window is smaller it looks correctly.

I would say the viewport was set incorrectly, but on Firefox it works fine. Maybe this has something to do with the FBO I'm using? The FBO has only 0.3 times scene resolution, so I have to use gl.viewport very often to switch between resolutions. Also it is worth to mention that there is a Canvas2D layered transparently on top of the WebGL canvas. However, text is rendered correctly on the full window.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

( Demo available here, Sourcecode )