I am quite a new beginner in OpenGL, especially in ES.
I am trying to make some kind of game for my WM6.1 phone (HTC Diamond): a dice placed in a quad space and using the built in accelerometer to roll the dice.

So now i have drawed the dice only, and i am rotating it depending on the phones position (using the GVector from the accelerometer).
I have the problem now that the response is quite poor. What i mean is when i lean the phone in one direction, the dice is spinning, but when i lean the phone in the opposite direction, it take quite much time (a few seconds, i could not notice period) the dice to response.

I suppose it has something to do with the FRAME BUFFER. Frames are drawed faster than are diplayed, and that's why i think a have this delay.
Or am i wrong?

Please help me, if you know how i can optimise my code to get a better response.