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Thread: openCL and cuda on the same GPU (GTX260)

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    openCL and cuda on the same GPU (GTX260)

    Hi there,

    I have written an openCL, and also a cuda version for my cfd code. I used the same algorithm for both of them; and same optimization level, I guess... since I didn't add anything else when compile.

    I thought, if I run them on the same machine, they would have the same speed, roughly. However, I found cuda is about 2 times faster than openCL on GTX260, (3:1 speed).

    Did I do anything wrong? or it should be like this? Could someone give me some suggestions? Any thought will be appreciated!


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    Re: openCL and cuda on the same GPU (GTX260)

    There have been a lot of reports that Nvidia's OpenCL beta is slow compared to CUDA. You should file a bug report against Nvidia if you can figure out what is slower, but otherwise you'll just have to wait for Nvidia to optimize their OpenCL implementation.

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