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Thread: JPEG implementation in OpenCL?

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    JPEG implementation in OpenCL?

    Is there an open source OpenCL JPEG encoder/decoder available? Or perhaps a different image compression/decompression in OpenCL source?

    I saw kungen85's post that he was getting to know OpenCL using parts of the JPEG compression, but I haven't seen any mention of a full, performance-oriented implementation. This seems like an obvious application for OpenCL, surely it exists?

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    Re: JPEG implementation in OpenCL?

    Getting a high-performance JPEG implementation on OpenCL will be very architecture-dependent. (E.g., you'll want to use shared memory and know how big it is on Nvidia, and be very careful with vectors on AMD.) Parts of JPEG are highly parallel (color space transformation, color down-sampling, DCT, per-block Huffman encoding) and parts are not (the actual Huffman encoding itself, zero counting*, DC Huffman encoding, and final assembly). Making a working, high-performance JPEG implementation is a large amount of work. I suspect the only people with a strong incentive to do this would do so for a competitive advantage (e.g., ARM, Apple, Nokia) and wouldn't have any interest in releasing the code.

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    Re: JPEG implementation in OpenCL?

    Get a local copy of the jpeg-opencl repository with this command:
    git clone

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    Re: JPEG implementation in OpenCL?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ifer
    Get a local copy of the jpeg-opencl repository with this command:
    git clone
    it works, thanx

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