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Thread: include headers to .cl file

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    include headers to .cl file


    I wrote a kernel in a .cl file, but when I include a .h file, and run code,
    I get ""file.h" not found".
    so I read the opencl spec, and found that I have to add the path to the headers to my buildprogram API (5.4.3 of 1.0spec), so this is my code line:

    Code :
    ciErrNum = clBuildProgram(cpProgram, 0, NULL, "-I C:/Users/localcontrol/internship/OpenCV/cv/include", NULL, NULL);

    but it doesn't work, the program crashes at this line,

    is anyone seeing what could be the problem,
    I really need help with this.

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    Re: include headers to .cl file

    This seems like a bug in the OpenCL implementation. Please contact the vendor whose OpenCL implementation you are using.

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