I have found that in the ES 1.1 reference manual it discusses a GL_LINE_SMOOTH for smoothing lines and GL_MULTISAMPLE along with setting SAMPLE_BUFFERS to 1.

When I put a glEnable(GL_LINE_SMOOTH) in my ES1Renderer.m code it only appears to up the LineWidth by 1 pixel and I get no smoothing. Example if LineWidth is set to 1, with Line_Smooth added it will look identical (at least to me) as if LineWidth was set to 2 and Line_Smooth was NOT enabled.

I understand that glEnable(GL_Multisample) is called to enable multisampling, but how do I set the SAMPLE_BUFFERS to 1, or any value for that matter? What is the syntax for setting the SAMPLE_BUFFERS? The reference manual just assumes you know the syntax to set this along with assuming you already know much of the OpenGL syntax. Where does one go to learn the syntax?? The Khronos reference manuals don't seem to give code examples for much of anything. Manual says to set this and set that, and doesn't explain how to set it.