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Thread: Local Axis Rotation Problem

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    Local Axis Rotation Problem

    Hi. I have a 3d rotation problem that really shows up my lack
    of 3d knowledge lol. I'm trying to move a camera around using
    the arrow keys. Left-right arrow is supposed to rotate about
    local camera z axis, and up-down around local x-axis. But
    this code seems to rotate around the origin. Is it something
    to do with the order of operations?
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    //================================================== ===


    /// Load ship Position Matrix (camera)

    XFORM3D m;
    XForm3D_RotateZLocal(&m, Float_DegToRad(AngleZ));
    XForm3D_RotateXLocal(&m, Float_DegToRad(AngleX));
    XForm3D_SetTranslation(&m, Pos.x, Pos.y, Pos.z);
    glLoadMatrixf((GLfloat *)&m);


    //================================================== ===

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    Re: Local Axis Rotation Problem

    It's difficult to say without knowing what is going on inside your XForm functions. At a guess I'd say you need to rotate the Pos.x/y/z values by the transpose(?) of the matrix you created in XFORM3D m.

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