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Thread: not working

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    not working

    please tell me what is wrong with the following algorithm.i am trying to draw a triangle on the screen using the 3 vertices of the array...

    GLfloat vertices[]={10,0,20,0,20,10,20,20,10,20,0,20,0,10};
    GLubyte coord[]={1,2,3};
    void RenderScene(void)

    glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES,3,GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE,coo rd);


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    Re: not working

    You must set correctly your projection & model view matrix in order to set the camera properly.
    google for glOrtho, glPerspective and glutLookAt

    Another error, you are picking the vertex number 1 2 and 3 of your vector.
    x y
    20, 0
    20, 10
    20, 20
    The three vertex have the same X coordinate, nothing will be drawn.
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    Re: not working

    the problem was , as you said, the fact that the three vertices had the same x coordinate.thank you for your help

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