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Thread: Open GL for ARM platform

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    Open GL for ARM platform

    I am new to open gl. So i may ask you guys for some basic questions.. Kindly help me.

    1. I have linux for ARM processor. Does Open GL works only on x86 platform? Or Open gl is just a library and independent of hardware platfrom?

    2. How to download Open GL patch for ARM processor version?


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    Re: Open GL for ARM platform

    OpenGL is just an API. Document that specifies functions and what should they do.
    Anyone is free to implement OpenGL API to whatever platform he wants.

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    Re: Open GL for ARM platform

    If your device has a 3d processor, search for OpenGL drivers in the website of its vendor.

    If there's no such thing, you'll have to use a software implementation of OpenGL (i.e. one that runs on the CPU instead of the 3d processor). Mesa3d is a potential choice.
    [The Open Toolkit library: C# OpenGL 4.4, OpenGL ES 3.1, OpenAL 1.1 for Mono/.Net]

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