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Thread: Vertex Functions...

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    Vertex Functions...

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to render some quads to the screen for image based hud type things ( text rendered to textures ), there won't be many of these, and they will each be wrapped up in their own class, say a class called text. So each class must draw only 1 quad.

    in this case is it STILL more efficient to use the gldraw arrays and GL_VERTEX_ARRAY drawing method, or is there some kind of overhead? is it more efficient just to call glvertex3f 4 times?

    Thanks in Advance
    - Jorj

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    Re: Vertex Functions...

    there won't be many of these
    With large surface with low triangle count, it means the overhead won't be significant in any case.
    Staying away from glBegin/glVertex is more GL3.1 compliant

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