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Thread: Undefined Reference Error Message

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    Undefined Reference Error Message

    I've just started working with OpenGL, I use Dev C++ compiler,
    I installed OpenGL as follows:

    opengl32.dll,glu32.dll,gl32.dll>>>copied to System Dir
    glut.h,gl.h,glu.h>>>copied to include dir
    glu32.lib, opengl32.lib,glut32.lit >>>copied to lib directory

    As trying to run first example of red-book,"hello.cpp", I always face following error messages in Dev C++ compiler

    undefined reference to "__glutInitWithExit@12"

    It is notable that windows.h and glut.h are included.

    So, where is the problem?


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    Re: Undefined Reference Error Message

    Possibly the compiler is not getting the pointer to this function.
    I came across a post in this forum where they explain to get function pointers using some PFN... ( do not remember exactly).

    Or the lib file containing the signature is not included. Try project and compiler settings first.

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