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Thread: glOrtho is missing?

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    glOrtho is missing?

    Hi, developed some opengl applications for PC platform and i want to try write something for my HD2.
    I would like to ask, glOrtho func is missing in opengl es 2.0? if it's true, is there another one method, how to switch into orthographics projection?
    I want to start with something simple, i don't need 3d projection for this time.
    Can you give me some advices how can i do that?

    Thanks, MB

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    Re: glOrtho is missing?

    OpenGL ES 2.0 does not have fixed function vertex processing, which means it also doesn't have a projection matrix stack. You can do vertex transformations in the vertex shader in whichever way you like. If your vertex shader uses a projection matrix uniform, you simply set it to the desired ortho projection matrix.
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    Re: glOrtho is missing?

    See my matrix.h and matrix.c in my engine for matrix making help. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3140

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    Re: glOrtho is missing?

    Thank you for the link
    all the problems are solved now

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    Re: glOrtho is missing?

    Thank you, you've just solved my problem too. Cheers.

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    Re: glOrtho is missing?

    Hi, guys, registered to thank you for the great solution provided in here. You've saved tones of my nerves and time

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