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Thread: moving checkerboard surface

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    moving checkerboard surface

    Hello everyone,

    I am programmer but I don't have that much experience in OpenGL. I am also new to forum.

    My main goal is to create a "ground" surface with a checkerboard pattern. The camera is aimed ahead and it appears as if you are walking on the surface.

    I know how to generate and bind and wrap the checkerboard texture (using mipmaps). I am wondering what is the best way to simulate the walking over effect ?

    any help, demos or suggestions are greatly appreciated

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    Re: moving checkerboard surface


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    Re: moving checkerboard surface

    What do you mean "walking over" ?
    A simple glTranslatef is enough ?
    Read this page to learn more about transformations :

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    Re: moving checkerboard surface

    For very simple `walking' or moving you can indeed use glTranslatef. If you want to make a turn, use glRotatef(degrees, x, y, z) with (x,y,z) being the axis arround which you'll want to turn (which is probably the vertical axis: 0, 1, 0).

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