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Thread: OpenAL Initialization Problem

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    OpenAL Initialization Problem

    Hi People

    Ok guys, I know I shouldn't ask this here and I know that here is not an OpenAL forum but I couldn't
    find any forums which could help me on OpenAL. So, first of all, i'm really sorry If I'm breakin' some rules.

    I am trying to initialize OpenAL in Visual c++ Conslole Environment.
    I am working on capture example included in OpenAL SDK. the weird thing is in the example there is a typedof called ALCcontext, but in my own program there isn't
    anything like that. It is the data type which is used for context thing variables (e.g for creating contexts).

    Why I don't have ALCcontext to define My own context variable in my own program?

    P.S: I have included these:

    and I linked these:

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    Re: OpenAL Initialization Problem has good forums, you should ask there. People here will help you out with small issues, once in a while, but really, it is an OpenGL forum, so please keep that in mind.

    GLIM - Immediate Mode Emulation for GL3

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