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Thread: wglMakeCurrent - strange error

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    wglMakeCurrent - strange error

    I have a strange error with wglMakeCurrent.

    In my application there are multiple threads which are rendering to one single context. The draw Operations are secured by a Semaphore, so the threads should not interfere with each other.

    Each thread basically looks like this

    Code :
    Draw(); // this is where all drawing is done

    Now, whenever i call wglMakeCurrent(NULL,NULL); i get an OpenGL error GL_INVALID_OPERATION.

    The strange thing is that everything is rendered exactly as it should be and wglMakeCurrents always returns TRUE ... so i would expect that there was no error. OpenGL seems to think different.

    Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

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    Re: wglMakeCurrent - strange error

    For one thing you need to make sure you release your context in the current thread (which I believe will flush the command buffer - see the MSDN on Windows); otherwise you'll likely get an invalid handle error on e.g. SwapBuffers (check GetLastError on Windows).

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