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Thread: How draw a constant size object in all zoom?

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    How draw a constant size object in all zoom?

    I have a simple opengl game. User should find a box.
    User select some point and then user icon pass this point one by one.
    User need to a compass. I draw a scaled circle as compass that give the degree to user.
    User can zoom in and out for find the Destination point.

    I want that compass and user icon have constant width and height in all zoom. I
    change the (x,y) left and right in glortho for zooming. and because of this my compass and
    user icon become large and small in zoomin and zoomout.

    How can I have them with constant size in all zoom!?

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    Re: How draw a constant size object in all zoom?

    Switch your projection matrix to glOrtho and your modelview matrix to identity before rendering your HUD.

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