Hi Folks,

I'm working on adding my own MPEG-4 decoder and currently stuck with
the OMX_GetHandle (basically, my component is NOT getting a call into
this function). After going thru the code, I figured out that
PVMFOMXBaseDecNode:oPrepare (in ~nodes/pvomxbasedecnode/src/
pvmf_omx_basedec_node.cpp) is where I need to start off.
Looking deeper into the code, it seems that a MIME type is sent in
for which this function sets up the ComponentRole (in input params)
and calls:

* OMX_MasterGetComponentsOfRole( ) twice (however this doesn't call
the component's GetComponentsOfRole)
* OMX_MasterConfigParser
* OMX_MasterGetHandle which eventually calls the component's
OMX_GetHandle( )

My question is, is the above sequence specific to PV's software
decoders or even hardware vendors need to go thru the same? If so, it
doesn't seem to match up to what the OpenMAX call sequences PDF says.
Would appreciate your responses.

Best regards