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Thread: basics are confused

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    basics are confused

    i am very new to openGL,i have a doubt why the vertices values r given only as 0.,1.0.... like that, y shouldn't i mention something like 140,670 like that.???
    i am very confused on jargon like world coordinates,eye coordinates .... what r all these thing refering to?????

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    Re: basics are confused

    Vertices values can be any sort of float value.
    I am afraid you will have to learn some of the jargon :
    Coordinates : What are the different coordinate spaces

    It may be simpler for you to start with glOrtho projection, I found it easier to understand at first : glOrtho allow to display everything inside the given cube-ish space.

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    Re: basics are confused

    Where have gone the time when people spent many to buy a book and learn something. Now, when everything is one click away, and there are so many free books and tutorials on-line, people don't want to spend even a day learning something.

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