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Thread: GL_POINT_SPRITE gone in 3.2??

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    GL_POINT_SPRITE gone in 3.2??

    I'm doing a game using only the core 3.2 - and I want to use GL_POINT_SPRITE - but I'm getting an undefined error when trying to enable it.

    It appears on the 3.2 help sheet - but it's not in gl3.h.

    Do I need to use glext.h ? I think I read that if you are using core then you shouldn't be using glext.h. This is on Linux by the way.


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    Re: GL_POINT_SPRITE gone in 3.2??

    GL_POINT_SPRITE is indeed removed, but point sprites are not - they are now permanently on:

    Quote Originally Posted by 3.2 (core) specification, p. 331 - in E.2.2, Removed Features
    Non-sprite points - Enable/Disable targets POINT_SMOOTH and POINT_SPRITE, and all associated state. Point rasterization is always performed asthough POINT_SPRITE were enabled.


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    Solved: GL_POINT_SPRITE gone in 3.2??

    Beautiful - Got that working.

    How do I apply a texture correctly to them?

    Everything I read seems to indicate I need to set the REPLACE_COORD to TRUE - which will generate the correct texture coordinates. I can't do that as it relies on the GL_POINT_SPRITE definition.

    I have textures working on the points - I'm passing in a single texture coordinate into the shader - which seems to be applying the color of the pixel for that coordinate across the whole point.

    Do I need to pass in four texture coordinates to have the texture applied across the point?

    EDIT: Solved - Use gl_PointCoord in the shader to get the coordinates to go from 0.0 to 1.0.

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