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Thread: Are add-ons possible affecting all programs?

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    Are add-ons possible affecting all programs?

    Mainly I'm worried about camera movement. Could you have a piece of code that runs in opengl, and changes the camera angle according to its input? I'm thinking of implementing Johnny Lee's Wiimote Head tracking thing into openGL. 3d for Everything!

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    Re: Are add-ons possible affecting all programs?

    The current OpenGL context that your program should in theory own is the only one affected by anything you do.. Adding a head tracking peripheral is not trivial and you'll have to do a fair amount of stuff to even read from it I expect... and that data you will then plug into your camera matrix etc. in your program using OpenGL to render a scene.

    So the short answer is no it *shouldn't* affect anything else on your computer..

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    Re: Are add-ons possible affecting all programs?

    In fact this is possible but very complex, you will have to develop a 'stub' opengl32.dll that will hijack calls to modelview to tweak them. Hard to do right in the general case.

    Try to do it correctly your your own program first

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