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Thread: OpenCL system, device type

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    OpenCL system, device type

    In specification
    A device is defiend as below,

    Device: A device is a collection of compute units. A command-queue is used to queue
    commands to a device. Examples of commands include executing kernels, or reading and writing memory objects. OpenCL devices typically correspond to a GPU, a multi-core CPU, and other processors such as DSPs and the Cell/B.E. processor.

    Does this mean a platform cannot have more than one device of type CPU which is being host CPU/multicore CPU?
    Or would it be implementation defined?

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    Re: OpenCL system, device type

    The platform *can* have more than one device of type CPU. This totally depends on the OpenCL implementation as to how they want to expose the multi-core CPU to the user. For example, a 8-core CPU could be exposed as 1 CL device with 8 compute-units or 2 CL devices with 4 compute units and so on.

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    Re: OpenCL system, device type

    Have a look at "device fission" in AMD's OpenCL implementation, e.g. here

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