I have a question on using a Matrix Palette when currently implementing DrawElements for drawing.

When using DrawArrays (as with the examples I've seen) I understand that the MatrixIndex Array (say if there are 2 bones) will simply contain the bones as alternating indexes, 0, 1, 0, 1 and so on...

The WeightArray would contain how much each bone influences the vertex... so... if I have this setup
Vertex of 1, 1, 1
Weights of .5, .5
MatrixIndex of 0, 1

Then the vert is at (1,1,1) and will be pulled 50% by palette 0 and 50% by palette 1... extent ad infinitum... and the size parameter of the weight and matrix pointers would be 2.

So now... I'm currently converting OBJ files (no weights...) to indexed output and using DrawElements.

How then are the weight and matrix index arrays setup? I believe... that the weight array will be indexed by the currently used index array (for vertices)... but is the matrix index array ALSO indexed by the coordinate index array??