I have tried to render large geometries (>= 1,016,742 indexes) in WebGL and I noticed that after a certain number of indexes the geometry is not fully rendered and instead everything above that number looks wrong.

I did the experiment of dividing the index array in blocks of 65001 elements and calling drawElements on each block. After the 5 blocks the geometry does not make sense. Even when I am using a new array for each block!
I double checked the geometry on a stand-alone 3D graphics program and it's ok.

I am using a WebGLUnsignedShortArray to pass along the bufferData with the indices.

1. Can I use a different type of array to be able to render > 1M indices successfully?

2. What alternatives do I have to render large geometries? Even when I divided my index array in several blocks, after the 5th block, I don't get the correct rendering.

Thanks for the feedback.