Hello again,

next problem. Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 (Laptop Intel IGP and PC GTX 260)

I often took a value from a texture in the shader. I calculated something with it, all is fine. I switched the Shader validator on and fixed all signaled errors.

But now I get black Output. For example.

vec4(texture2D(TexSampler,texcoord).xyz,1.0) This make a nice colorfull Output. But I want only 30%

vec4(texture2D(TexSampler,texcoord).xyz * vec(0.3) ,1.0)
produced both a black object. (Shader validator off = 30% output like i want)

vec4(texture2D(TexSampler,texcoord).xyz,1.0)*3.0/10.0 produced the 30% output now. But this is not efficient. I found no hint in the updated WebGL Spec what is wrong with *0.3 ?

Or is it the wrong forum? Should I talk to vladimir directly? (how?)

greets titan