I am trying to write a ray tracer for a school research project and I am running into some strange issues with my code.

Normally I would be fairly confident I could figure out what is going wrong (I already have the algorithm working in C#), but I can not figure out how to debug the OpenCL code.

I thought about trying ATI's stream SDK with GDB, but I am using Image2d/Image3d textures that AMD does not appear to support on CPUs. I have heard very good reports about gDEBugger CL and applied to their free beta program, but I have not heard back from them yet and have no idea what the turnaround time on that might be.

Any suggestions on how to go about debugging OpenCL programs/kernels?

(For what it is worth, my code is currently implemented in C# with the Cloo OpenCL wrapper library. I could probably port it to C++ if that would make debugging easier.)