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Thread: Get Devices Help Needed

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    Get Devices Help Needed

    I'm developing a very simple Image Processing Application.

    What i need to know is that if I have two or more graphic devices (ATI Redon & NIVIDA), how can I their list?

    Also, how can I apply kerenel to any of one device?

    I'm using OpenCL.NET and OpenCLTemplate.dll

    I don't have much time as I have few days to sumbit my project. p

    Please Help!


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    Re: Get Devices Help Needed

    I would recommend starting out with some of the tutorials on AMD's website. Also, the examples in the NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK should get you started. You'll need to tailor it to, since the examples use C++ and OpenCL. Several of AMD's examples in their Stream SDK are written with the C++ bindings, so you could give them a shot.

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