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Thread: Khronos' debugging script

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    Khronos' debugging script

    I did everytnig like it's described here: but it seems to doesn't work.
    -I added manually gl.getError function to my draw function and I noticed I had several errors but Khronos' script didn't log anything.
    Does anybody use it (and does it work for him)?

    gliniak (wglb)

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    Re: Khronos' debugging script

    Hi there,

    the script is doing something for me, but it is not really usefull, because it doesn't accept neccessary function calls:

    "gl.createShader is not a function"

    I used it on a very minimal example and without the script everything works.

    Can someone please clearify?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Khronos' debugging script

    figured it out.

    It was a bad idea to try to use it this way:
    Code :
     for (ii = 0; ii < names.length; ++ii) {
            try {
             //   context = canvas.getContext(names[ii], opt_attribs);
                context = WebGLDebugUtils.makeDebugContext(canvas.getContext(names[ii]));
            } catch(e) {}
            if (context) {

    of course, I got a debugging context without a gl context this way.

    Code :
        gl = WebGLDebugUtils.makeDebugContext(WebGLUtils.setupWebGL(canvas));


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