I'm an OpenCL beginner and not a C++ professional, I've read the oclVectorAdd example in the OpenCL samples... I found that the arguments of the kernel function were float * (float pointers representing 3 arrays of floats)... I've got an idea of a GPU program in which I want to create a simple kernel function but this time I want to deal with an array of strings... since there are no strings the cl program I'm trying to send 2 arrays of char* as an argument to the kernel function... Just for testing the idea, I wrote this code:

Code :
__kernel void normalizer(__global char * documentStrings[], __global char * documentStringsOut[])
{ int i = get_global_id(0);
int strLen=sizeof(documentStrings[i])/sizeof(char);
for(int j=0;j<strLen;j++){
    char ch = documentStrings[i][j]; documentStrings[i][j]=ch++;}

But when I try to call the clBuildProgram I get this error: "invalid address space for array argument to __kernel function"

can anybody help me?!