First, a contribution. Here is the C++ graphics framework we're using in our project:

It abstracts over GDI+ and OpenVG (supporting both AmanithVG and ShivaVG). Some of the features:
- parsing of TrueType fonts with FreeType (so, people who wondered how to use fonts may use the code)
- formatted text rendering
- 9grid seamless image scaling (it was tricky. not so seamless with GDI+ currently, the working solution was damn slow)
- image tinting

Second, an inquiry. We use text functions and VG_COLOR_TRANSFORM defined in OpenVG 1.1, but:

1.ShivaVG only supports OpenVG 1.0.1. Are there chances it will be updated? Are there alive developers somewhere in the universe?

2.AmanithVG perfectly supports OpenVG 1.1. But they offer evaluation license only. I've contacted them and they tell they're targeted at hardware manufacturers and don't offer developer licenses. Guys, are there chances you will?

Thanks in advance.