My question has already come up in the FAQ, but I found the answer pretty discouraging.

How do I protect my content from pirates?
The "modern" open-source-based answer to this is, of course, that you shouldn't: instead, you should architect your application or business so that the value is generated by the service you offer, not in the content delivered to the browser. However, in some cases that may well be unduly idealistic. Your best bet for under those circumstances is to look into JavaScript obfuscators.
It is more than unduly idealistic for the following reason. Many companies that build sophistocated web sites rely on content supplied by artists. In the 3d clip art world, most content has an attached license that prohibits it from being used if the data can be easily obtained (i.e. in JavaScript model form). Unless a company actually hires an artist to generate custom content that they own (an expensive prospect), they cannot use it on their site.

I am unfamiliar with JavaScript objuscators, but I have heard they are easily subverted. Is there any way to avoid this mess and load custom binary data using JavaScript?