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Thread: Drawing facing front text

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    Drawing facing front text

    Is there any way to draw text that is always facing the camera?
    I've looked a way to draw text, and it isn't working

    I'm using this:

    glRasterPos2f(X, Y);
    Temp := Text;
    glCallLists(TextSize, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, Temp);

    is there any way to draw text, using only openGL?

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    Re: Drawing facing front text

    For bitmapped fonts, I think you may use a basic texture mapping vertex/fragment shader which looks up the font image from a 2D texture. For drawing, you can use an orthographic projection and put the geometry textured with the bitmap texture anywhere you like.

    On a side note, a similar thread has already been answered. You may refer to it for details;Number=279788


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