Hi all,

Given I'm very new to OpenVG, and I have had no luck finding documentation or samples that give me pointers, I decided I should try his place.

My problem is divided into two issues:

1) Draw text
2) Draw that text on an Open VG Image.

For #1 I'm not finding anything that fully shows how to render text. I have seen a lot of talk of the glyphs, fonts and what not, but no code sample that show all steps required to paint a string at a certain position with a certain formatting.

For #2 I have read on the OpenVG 1.1 Specifications that you can target an image for your painting, but I'm not able to understand how this is done, and I can't find a sample where you paint on an image and then paint that "edited" image onto the screen.

What I'm trying to achieve is writing text onto an image and then display that image.