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Thread: quadric sphere movement

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    quadric sphere movement

    hey all,

    I have designed a solar system using quadric spheres (with alot of help from Mobeen I may add) and at the moment they are how do i orbit them around the sun?

    I know to use the rotate function, but i need 2 - 3 planets to move clockwise and the others counter clockwise.

    I have using glTranslatef to move and position each planet so far but am willing for better ideas


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    Re: quadric sphere movement

    You can use the glPushMatrix and glPopMatrix func. to create a hierarchy and add transform. matrices (glTranslate/glRotate/glScale) as necessary in between the push/pop matrices as given here
    Some more useful links
    (look for week 2/3/4)

    Hope this helps,

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