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Thread: Problem creating cl_context

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    Problem creating cl_context

    Hi everybody. I'm experimenting with OpenCL and I faced the following problem: inside my code I have a function that is performed on the GPU using OpenCL. Every time the function is called I perform the whole OpenCL environment setup with the context and command queue creation, the program build and so on. Right now I don't care about performance, I know it is very slow. The problem is that after 15 calls to the function I cannot create a new context. The error number is -6, CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY but I don't see any problem with the local host memory, I'm not working with big data sets.
    At the end of the function I release the context and in theory I would not face any problem. The GPU I'm using is the Nvidia GTX480, and curiously the number of Streaming Multiprocessor is 15 as the number of function I context I can create before the memory error. Can anybody explain me this behavior? Thanks


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    Re: Problem creating cl_context

    My best bet would be that you are releasing the context but you are forgetting to release some other resource, like the command queue, or some memory object, or a kernel.

    That CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY error is almost certainly trying to say "out of some resource in the host, not necessarily memory". It could be out of mutexes for all we know.
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