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Thread: glPerspective or glLookAt

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    glPerspective or glLookAt

    I have large 3d cube that I created and on the screen it looks like 3d wire frame cube. I have also created little cube inside of the bigt cube and little cube was created by call
    Code :
    but little cube looks flat (doesnt look like 3d). It looks just like square drawn on the screen. I am confused on using glPerspective or glLookAt and where these 2 should be placed inside the program.

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    Re: glPerspective or glLookAt

    Do you mean gluPerspective and gluLookAt?

    If so, gluPerspective sets up your projection matrix, the matrix that will be applied to all vertices projecting onto the screen. gluPerpective creates a view frustrum.

    gluLookAt sets up your camera. Where the camera is and to where the camera is pointing as well as the orientation.


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