With the arrival, and undoubted success, of WebGL (which is OpenGL-ES with JavaScript bindings, some security issues resolved and handy file loading) - we're in a position where games on the web - in a browser - without plugins - is soon to become a reality.

The problem is that the existing HTML5 <audio> features are 100% useless for game sound effects and music. There is no specification for playing multiple sounds at once - the latency between telling the sound to play and it actually happening is awful - there is no stereo (let alone spatialised 3D) control - no good way to do frequency shifting - not even a way to pre-load an entire sound file so it's ready to play instantly. None of the existing implementation allow a sound to be looped seamlessly.

Basically, the only thing <audio> is good for is playing background music (and even then...it's not so great).

What the world needs is for a standard like OpenSL-ES or OpenAL or something like that to be added into our browsers - without plugins - and with the kinds of level of cooperation between Apple, Google, Mozilla and Opera that we've seen happening with WebGL.

So is there any prospect of kicking off a "WebSL" effort? The world DESPERATELY needs it...and soon. It ought to be possible to leverage the work done on WebGL to show how the JavaScript bindings should look - how things like loading files should be handled. It should be feasible to use the existing cordial & cooperative spirit between Khronos and Apple/Mozilla/Google to get such a thing built into both the Mozilla engine and the WebKit engine that powers Chrome and Safari (and a bunch of cellphone browsers).

It would be a match made in heaven.