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Thread: A fluffy orange

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    A fluffy orange

    I have begun learning OpenGL. After the 1-st lesson (where there was no any theory, just an idle talk) a senior teacher have said that I must develop (to paint) an fluffy orange. It sounds foolishly, but this is the task. I have found out how to paint a sphere. I think, I will know how to overlay an image texture. But task is to know how to set a fluffiness. The teacher only said that I can obtain the fluffiness setting a big amount of random normals.
    Please help. How to do it?

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    Re: A fluffy orange

    Another homework assignment.

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    Re: A fluffy orange

    Use a specular with low exponent, low intensity.

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    Re: A fluffy orange

    Oh, thanks, ZbuffeR. I can't imagine a fluffy orange. How it can be? It won't be an orange, it will be something like woollen clew. At least, it will be a peach. What will it look like?
    How to set a coefficient of fluffiness? What will be an dependent variable? It will be intensity,isn't it?

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