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Thread: Rendering mess (white box texture error)

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    Rendering mess (white box texture error)

    I've got a weird issue were my class renders an error texture (the white box), when I initialize it with my constructor globally. However the same error doesn't happen when I initialize it in my Display function. How is this possible?

    I'm guessing I have to initialize it in an init function but I don't want to loose my constructor.

    Code :
    	C_Visual_Obj qMenu((GLboolean) 1,
    						(GLboolean)0,//frame state
    						1.0f,//frame size 
    						0.0f, 0.0f,//V1
    void display(void)
    	//STATE: MENU

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    Re: Rendering mess (white box texture error)

    Does your constructor make OpenGL calls? If so, you need to have a valid OpenGL context at the time the c'tor runs. Creating the object as a global variable means it is created before main() and you don't have a context.
    One way to work around that is to make the global variable a pointer and create the object on the heap after the OpenGL context is created.

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