Hello everyone.

My name is Anti Danilevski, I am a game producer. Recently, I made a successful start-up and now it's a working and money-earning browser-based game. We made it on Unity3D, while nobody believed in this technology.

Now, it's time for HTML5 / WebGL. This is why I am looking for a talented and experienced HTML5 / WebGL coder and prosting this proposition here.

This is an enthusiastic (for now) start-up, and this is a game for social networks. We have a great game design and outstanding, unique game conception. Currently, we are working on server architecture and documentation.

If you are interested in becoming part of our little team, or wish to know more about that offer, please send me e-mail to: anti.danilevski(dog)gmail.com

With best regards,
Anti A. Danilevski