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Thread: shader front/back face and ccw ,cw

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    shader front/back face and ccw ,cw

    I created a front/back shader and I use two pass one front and one back with the correct culling.
    The problem is that i find some models(sketchup) that i suppose have both ccw meshes and cw meshes.
    In this case I get wrong results.
    Is possible to convert all faces in cw or in ccw?
    I think that the trick is the sign of the normal, may be?
    If the normal is positive then i'm in a cw(or ccw , i don't know) else if the normal is negative in ccw.
    Then in my importer i have a method that creates the triangles, i can test if the normal is negative ,then rebuilt the indexes else ok and i does nothing else that create the triangle wit the existing indexes.
    But how i test if the normal go outside (positive?) or inside (negative?) with the opengl axis system.

    sorry for my english


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    Re: shader front/back face and ccw ,cw

    I think the answer is to pick a convention and ensure all faces use the same.

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    Re: shader front/back face and ccw ,cw

    Depending on your shader you may use the glsl built-in variable gl_FrontFacing and reduce to a one-pass shader.

    You can swap the OpenGL interpretation of front and back with glFrontFace(GL_CW) or GL_CCW.

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