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Thread: FBO performance options

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    FBO performance options

    I'm thinking about how to manage FBOs in my program, and I might as well don't do any stupid performance-killing mistakes.

    - You shouldn't change FBOs too often, so I should use one FBO for every texture dimensions I need.

    - Does binding the same FBO twice in a row impact performance? And same question regarding unbinding twice in a row.

    - If the above is a problem, then it might be worth it to cache the currently bound FBO, and only bind if needed?

    That's all I can think of right now.

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    Re: FBO performance options

    You can use glDrawBuffers() to switch between textures/sets-of-textures to render to, from one FBO.
    You can mix'n'match different formats and texture-sizes, in GL3.2+

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