This is a little bit (OK...waaaay...) off-topic for this list - and cross-posted to the OpenSL-ES list, which is another sinful thing...but I need a little publicity for a proposal I have:

In the course of writing my WebGL game, it became painfully obvious that the audio capabilities of present browsers is woefully inadequate to the task of rendering game audio - and I've decided to try to evangalize what I think is the clear and obvious solution to the problem. I call it "WebAL".

This is off-topic for this list - but I'm trying to propose a solution that closely mirrors WebGL, both in structure and in how it gets adopted and implemented and I presume that the people who inhabit this list will either be the right people to talk to - or will know who those people are.

I have written a white-paper describing why we need it, what it should be - and how I think it should happen:

Please SPAM it to anyone who will listen!!

I also created a mailing list to centralize the discussion:

Thanks in advance

-- Steve