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Thread: draw bird ..!!

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    draw bird ..!!

    hello...i am new to opengl programming..

    i am trying to draw a simple bird(flying with it's wings wide open..side view) am not able to make it into the desired shape..using the basic primitves
    please help n draw a bird using the basic opengl primitives..!!

    thanx in advance

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    Re: draw bird ..!!

    Perhaps use a dedicated modelling utility. For example Blender.

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    I have the same requirement as Roheat is. I am working on a Mac OS X platform. I have generated the bird model in Blender. Now can someone help me proceed further so that I import that model into a C++ program. BionicBytes & Roheat please help me

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    Export the mesh and look for an import library or write your own (obj is quite simple). Then just use standard draw calls.
    (There is no "OpenGL mesh format" that you just export and render with one call, you have to do the loading and rendering yourself)

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    You can export your model as a OBJ file (File -> Export). I think the ASIMP library reads OBJ files if you don't want to write your own OBJ loader.
    You could export as 3DS. Write your own loader or use lib3ds from

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