Hi everybody^^

I have a low-poly model. When I move around it in 3D-space I notice that the texture gets distorted. Currently this apperas when working with dae-files. But I noticed that before on some low-poly swf-files too. It gets heavily distorted the closer you move to the model..

To increase the poly-count would do the job. But e.g. the flash-target is limited to 2000 polys anway. So you cant improve much on those.. On the other hand you want to decrease the poly-count where possible + Ive seen cubic models with just 12 polys and the texture came along nice under (deprecated) O3D-standarts. What is the difference?

Is there any other way to display the texture properly?! Maybe by using other formats? Has anybody experienced this before? Should I use normal-maps instead?!

Thanks for hints.