Folks: We ( are creating an OpenGL class, sanctioned by the University of New Mexico. One idea we are considering is allowing the projects to use WebGL as well as OpenGL.

We are doing this for a couple of reasons. One is that the implementations are more easily managed: JavaScript within a browser. Another is that OpenGL ES and WebGL, are available on a wide variety of devices including phones and tablets.

Our main question is this: would any reasonable OpenGL homework problem we give be implementable in WebGL? I.e. would OpenGL and WebGL be equivalent to a reasonable approximation?

For example, one of the home work problems is to create an interactive Rubik's Cube. The question is: would the implementation be quite similar in both OpenGL and WebGL?

Note that we want the course to be "modern" OpenGL, to be shader based .. not using compatibility mode.

The main concern is that the students learn OpenGL syntax and semantics, but accepting WebGL as an alternative implementation environment.