Until yesterday, I've been working on my MacBook pro with NVIDIA GPU.

Today I moved my kernels, which use image objects without problems on macbook pro, to an iMac where Radeon HD 5750 is installed.

Then, the kernels were not built correctly on the iMac. I checked the error message and found that image object is not supported on the Radeon HD 5750 GPU (glGetDeviceInfo gives me CL_DEVICE_IMAGE_SUPPORT ==> false).

Surprisingly, Apple's document mentions the image object in their document...
However, it seems that image object is not supported by ATI's Mac version OpenCL implementation.

Is this true ? Did I do anything wrong ?

So, Mac OS seems not really a good platform to work on OpenCL because their driver support is very very slow.

Is there any information when Apple updates OpenCL drivers for Mac OS X ??
maybe in 10.7 ??